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    Freitag, 10. Juni 2022
    Hello there,
    I purchased the vocomo kA-2 PSA V1 for my NG4 (WIP COM 3D) and wanted to give feedback here for anyone wondering if its worth it!
    Customer Service is superb. They answer every question detailed and even remember you asking about anything in the past and give you updates on that topic.
    Installation was a pain in the ass since there is very little room behind the radio unit.
    Everything works fine. Bluetooth connects instantly and you can still use your steering wheel controls to skip tracks!
    It supports Apt-X HD so its way better quality than the cheap transmitters you can install to the aux ports in the glove box (even though most streaming apps dont offer such quality).
    Calling is working via the stock bluetooth connection.
    Only downside is that the parking sensors stop the music temporarily instead of just ducking the volume. Thats kinda annoying.
    Overall its a great product if you want to have top notch bluetooth codec and steering wheel controls.
    Drive safe,
    Bluetooth Audio Adapter kA-2 PSA V1 (Peugeot, Citroen)