About Us


What does VOCOMO stand for?

VOCOMO is a combination of VOice COmmunication MObile, which describes our original activities in the area of mobile voice communication. Our product portfolio today includes Bluetooth hands-free kits for various car manufacturers and models, as well as Bluetooth True-Wireless-Stereo (TWS) hi-fi amplifiers and home theater accessories.

Your smartphone - your mobile entertainment system. Always available, always with you!

The quality of music playback on smartphones has reached a level that was previously only known from high-end hi-fi systems. Falling storage prices mean that CDs can be converted into lossless formats such as FLAC instead of MP3, increasing data volumes with mobile phone tariffs enable high-quality streaming on the go and optional Bluetooth codecs such as AAC or aptX transmit music in CD quality wirelessly to headphones or speakers. The replacement of the traditional hi-fi tower by wireless active speakers is therefore the future of hi-fi at home and on the go. However, the range of good speakers, especially in the high-end area, is mostly limited to passive speakers. We have therefore made it our mission to develop solutions with which you can choose your favorite speakers from the complete range of passive speakers and convert them into wireless active speakers.

Of course in your car, too!
Play media from your smartphone on your cars sound system in HiFi quality! Whether music streaming, MP3, navigation or phone calls - your smartphone is your mobile entertainment system with our solutions in your car!


Designed by VOCOMO in Germany

Our devices are all developed, tested and finally assembled in Germany. Quality and diligence are our priority. So you enjoy our products - every day.


aptX® – HiFi Quality wireless

The new standard for excellent audio quality via Bluetooth: aptX® is supported by the worlds best smartphones, wireless speakers, soundbars, headphones and tablets.
The default Bluetooth audio codec "SBC" uses strong data rate compression. This is the reason why Bluetooth has been regarded as unsuitable for high-end audio transmission for a long time. 
The aptX® Codec now transmits music in CD quality, and thus offers real high-end experience - wireless. To enjoy this new level of audio quality both ends of a Bluetooth connection have to support aptX®.
All vocomo Bluetooth systems support aptX®.
Android from version 8.0 supports aptX® by default. You can find many older smartphones with aptX® support under the following link: https://www.aptx.com/products.