Speaker Recommendations


If you are looking for good speakers to set up a wireless home cinema with our AirX-RearKit or to combine them with our AMP-1 blue to a wireless hi-fi stereo system, we would like to give you a few suggestions here.

First of all: Loudspeakers are always a matter of taste, so there is nothing like listening to them personally, ideally in the room in which they are ultimately used.
But there are also some loudspeaker models whose excellent sound properties are rated very uniformly. These should therefore never be missing in a comparison test, even if you are also considering other models.
We would like to introduce a few of these speakers to you here. Since we do not sell the boxes ourselves, please contact your dealer.



Dali Oberon On-Wall: ~600€ (pair)

Flat wall loudspeaker (approx. 385 x 245 x 120) with typical Dali sound (very transparent and rich in detail) and, thanks to the ingenious bass reflex system, astonishing depth.
Ideal both as a surround loudspeaker in home cinema in combination with our AirX-RearKit, and as an independent, wireless hi-fi system with our AMP-1 blue.


Dali Oberon 1: ~400€ (pair)

Very compact loudspeaker (approx. 274 x 162 x 234mm) with extremely transparent and detailed sound and a touch of high-end. Compared to its predecessor, the Zensor 1, the depth is astonishing for its size and can be expanded with a subwoofer if necessary.


Dali Oberon 3: ~600€ (pair)

Excellent compact loudspeaker (approx. 350 x 200 x 315) with typical Dali sound (very transparent and rich in detail) and, compared to the Oberon 1, significantly more depth. High-end sound with a very good price / performance ratio!  


Dali Oberon 7: ~1000€ (pair)

Full-size floorstanding loudspeaker (1,015 x 200 x 310) with high-end sound. Impressive depth and at the same time amazing transparency and attention to detail. Dali-typical excellent space.
Together with our AMP-1 blue, a high-end system that can be addicting!